Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia

The platform of choice to
analyse and model ecological and environmental problems

EcoCommons' vision is to give Australian practitioners and researchers access to trusted, world-leading ecological and environmental modelling tools. Launching in 2022.

We are building a world-first collaborative commons for the ecosciences.

Through a $5 million investment from nine partner institutions, EcoCommons will transform ecological and environmental research by creating a trusted single platform for digital modelling and analysis needs. Our aim is to significantly reduce the time and wrangling needed to get from data to decisions to enable solutions for our environment and its future.

Who is EcoCommons for?

  • Researchers

    Access curated data, trusted models, customisation and cutting-edge virtual labs with JupyterLabs/R/Python that can reduce working time from days to hours

  • Educators

    Ready-to-use lecture and workshop modules, and practical guides that can immediately be integrated into curriculum, academic training, and industry development

  • Decision-makers

    Analysis and reporting made easier with credible data and models, and simple reproducibility to assist in translating research into decision-making

  • Students

    Step-by-step materials that turn theory into practice with limited coding required in topics like data quality, ecology, spatial analysis and environmental management

Thousands of datasets in one place

Access pre-processed climate, environment and species data or securely upload your own.

Easy data wrangling

Quickly cleanse, organise and transform complex datasets with automated tools.

Trusted models and algorithms

Extensive suite of peer-reviewed models, algorithms and advanced configuration options.

Cutting-edge virtual laboratories

Browse our 'app store' of modelling functions and play, test and perform experiments in user-friendly environments.

High compute capacity and secure free cloud storage

Run code, visualise large datasets and do analyses without burdening your personal computer.

Repeat, reproduce and collaborate

Save your workflows, repeat experiments and collaborate through transparent methods.

High impact quality results

Analyse, visualise, interrogate and compare results for fast and trusted solutions.

Explore our current platforms and services


    Conduct species distribution and climate change modelling without writing a single line of code

  • ecocloud

    Access cloud-based research tools including coding notebooks, databases and storage

  • ecoEd

    Access extensive ecoscience training and education resources for your lectures

  • CSDM

    Species distribution modelling portal for cross-jurisdictional government collaboration


News and updates

  • About us

    Find out more about EcoCommons, what we are trying to achieve and how we will do this in our handy fact sheet.

  • Join our user testing

    Do you want to be the first to learn about new tools that we develop and test them first-hand? Join our EcoCommons user testing group.

  • Technical Architecture

    Interested in how we are building our technical platform? Read more about our core technologies in the Technical Architecture report.

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  • Take our survey: $250 prize

    Help shape EcoCommons! Take our Data and Modelling in Science survey for your chance to win a $250 Visa Gift Card. Closes 30 January 2021.

  • Open Online Course

    Take our free short course in species distribution modelling (SDM). Learn how to design and evaluate an SDM, and overlay climate projections.

  • Free education materials

    Download ready-to-use materials for the classroom covering ecological modelling, data management and more.

Our partners

  • Australian Research Data Commons
  • National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy
  • EcoCommons Australia received investment ( from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). The ARDC is funded by the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).